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LGBT publisher: AZ losing millions to same-sex marriage ban


Arizona is such a huge destination place for weddings: there's Scottsdale and its many resorts, and then there is the romantic scenery in Sedona.

A Valley LGBT publisher says now that California can resume gay marriage, a lot of money could spill over into our state. However, he adds, Arizona could be making much more.

Mike McFall publishes The Pride Guide, an LGBT resource book on travel, business and yes, weddings. The group is putting on a wedding expo for gays and lesbians this September.

"With the wedding expo, we had a huge hit today, just people wanting to get expo information and have booths and stuff like that," he said.

All this after the Supreme Court dismissed California's prop 8 appeal.

"We're going to see our company really explode. But it's also personal as well. It feels good to be recognized," said McFall. 

McFall says gay couples will flock to California and spend millions on weddings once it's allowed there again, just like they do in other states with gay marriage.

"For example, like New York when they allowed gay marriage, it was $250 million in that first year. Hawaii, when they got civil unions, it was about $450 million in a three-year period."

He says Arizona is losing about $250 million a year because of its same-sex marriage ban. Arizona will still see a surge though, because McFall says many couples will get married somewhere else, but come back to Arizona to have their reception.

"A lot of us don't have kids, so we have more disposable income. So we really like a nice party, so we're going to spend a lot more than the average on a wedding," he said.

McFall is very confident the attitude on gay marriage is changing. He believes Arizona will get rid of its same-sex marriage ban in a couple of years.

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