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Tips to save money at the movies

Vicki Sarabi Vicki Sarabi

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - How much would you pay to see the hottest new flick? A movie producer predicts movie tickets could cost $50 in the future. Multiple news outlets reported George Lucas made the comment to students at the University of Southern California.

Prices aren't nearly that high here, but people still try to save where they can.

Whether it's bonding with your son or taking your child to meet friends for a birthday treat, spending a hot Friday summer afternoon at the theater is rarely a bad idea, but it can be a costly one. "That's one of the reasons we go to matinees is to try to save money on that," said mom Vicki Sarabi. "Today we're bringing some friends for a birthday so it can get pricey with the evening shows."

Purchasing tickets for the early show can be one way to save, though for a movie like Monster's University for the kids it doesn't matter.

WAVE 3 compared ticket prices for that movie at three theaters in the region, the new Cinemark in St. Matthews, Tinseltown and Regal Cinemas in Clarksville. While the adult price is more on a Friday evening, each theater actually charges the same price for children under 12 at most theaters and under whether it's the matinee or the 7 p.m.

Picking the right theater could save you money. At Regal, the price is $8 dollars for the kids. In St. Matthews, it's a dollar cheaper and at Tinseltown, even though they're both Cinemark theaters, you can save 50 cents on each ticket for the kids at a price of $6.50.

Of course there is that added cost of popcorn and soda. For a large soda and popcorn we found the price at 9 dollars at one theater, but it can be more or less depending on where you go.

Sarabi tries to avoid those costs all together, "But a lot of times you can't because they want it so bad. "It's pricey but that's the price you pay I guess."

To save money on snacks at the theater, go online. Cinemark has a weekly concession coupon they email. At the new St. Matthews location they have even more coupons on their Facebook page.

Another tip is find a day where the theater offers deals. Rave in Stonybrook offers $5 movies all day on Tuesdays.

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