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Residents report stolen mail, packages

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Dr. James Priest Dr. James Priest
Amy Edmonson Amy Edmonson
David James David James
Surveillance photos taken from Priest's porch. Surveillance photos taken from Priest's porch.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Stealing it is a federal offense, but that's not stopping some would be thieves from hitting mailboxes and porch stoops in Louisville neighborhoods.

Louisville Metro police have been made aware of U.S. mail and package thefts in Old Louisville.

No matter where you live, you often have to wait for packages to arrive, but the normal delay most of us experience isn't exactly what's happening in Old Louisville.

Dr. James Priest was waiting on a garage door opener and an insurance policy to be delivered to his 3rd Street home. When it didn't come he checked his tracking numbers. According to the postal service his package had been delivered so Priest checked his two porch surveillance cameras and got a surprise. He saw the postman delivering his package at 10:30 Tuesday morning, then, "About 2 p.m. I saw this woman come up the stairs, open the door," Priest explained.

That same woman not only grabbed Priest's Amazon delivery, she started going through his mailbox.

Priest contacted the post office and sent his video to the neighborhood association where at least 10 other Old Louisville residents confirmed it's happened to them too.

Amy Edmonson lives in the apartment building next door to Priest and said, "Our mail can come anywhere from 10 in the morning, it's late as 7 at night. That means I got to sit out here all day long on a day I know a package is coming."

Edmonson said she is concerned for a couple of other reasons, she's waiting on a blue ray player from Amazon with tracking numbers that said it was already delivered and a second delivery that means a lot to her husband, "His father's ashes are coming from Hawaii. We want those and we don't want them in somebody's trash because they stole our packages and trashed them."

The Edmonson's eventually got their blue ray player and found out the ashes can't be left without a signature, but Priest said it's a shame they had to worry in the first place.

Councilmen David James agrees, "It's a pretty serious issue, people having to feel uncomfortable about their packages being stolen, so that's why I've had a conversation with the police major, " he said.

James said after hearing about the mail theft concerns he talked to the commander of LMPD's fourth division. He said police are stepping up patrols to try and take care of the problem.   

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