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July 7, 2013

American Icons

Veterans who now are employed by Macy's modeled summer trends. Carrie King, Fashion advisor with Macy's discussed the American Icons campaign, what to wear to various iconic American pastimes, such as a BBQ, street festival, 4th of July, etc.

Got Your 6

Got Your 6 is an organization of nonprofits that support veterans. Give an Hour is the local charity that is a part of the Got Your 6 organization. Macy's stores sold Got Your 6 pins with proceeds going back to the organization. Their goal was to raise $3 million and they raised more than $3.4 million.

This nationwide initiative, which launched May 10, 2012, is uniting the entertainment industry with top-tier nonprofit organizations to shine a spotlight on veterans as civic assets and leaders in communities across the United States. "Got your six" is a military expression that means "I've got your back, and you've got mine." The six o'clock position or "six" is the designation of the rear of a military formation. More than one million military service members will reenter civilian life over the next five years. Got Your 6 connects ordinary Americans with veterans and military families to better enable military veterans to succeed in civilian life. The campaign focuses on six pillars of reintegration: jobs, housing, education, health, family, and leadership. Awareness of this message is being spread via a star-studded public service announcement (PSA) campaign, as well as ongoing media coverage of Got Your 6 by news organizations, script integrations for TV and film projects, and original digital content. Got Your 6 is also offering pathways for the American public to connect and engage with the campaign, such as iconic branded merchandise, special events, and "calls to action".

Give an Hour was specifically selected as the activation partner for the health pillar of the campaign. In this role, Give an Hour and its partners are leading a program to educate 100,000 students in mental health disciplines on the unique issues of veterans and military families by June 2014. Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen announced this campaign at the Clinton Global Initiative conference in Chicago last June.

The "providers" are the heart of Give an Hour, making the easy to access free mental health counseling possible. They are all licensed mental health providers who sign up as volunteers and commit to giving an hour of free counseling per week. There are about 7,000 volunteer mental health providers enrolled with Give an Hour across the U.S. And they have donated about 87,000 hours of time since 2008.


Ladies for Liberty

Jeanette Kays, Wanda Martin, Annette McCulloch with Ladies for Liberty performed their patriotic songs.

Upcoming shows:

Festival of Heroes Air Show in Saskatoon

July 5-8

Music Concert Series in the Park

Orleans, IN

July 27th



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