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Man charged with holdups of food delivery drivers

Gerald Holland (Source: LMDC) Gerald Holland (Source: LMDC)
Alex Moore Alex Moore
Detective Aaron Tinelli Detective Aaron Tinelli

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Headed out with another delivery in his hands Monday, University of Louisville student Alex Moore helps pay his college bills as a driver for Jimmy John's.

"It's pretty normal," explained Moore, who has been on the job for six months. "I don't expect anything off the wall to happen."

That was until the delivery to a home on South 3rd Street a couple weeks ago. Louisville Metro Police said Gerald Holland took more than just sandwiches.

As he walked up to the door of the address that Holland gave to his co-workers, Moore said he was just about to knock when, "around the corner, he comes with a pistol in hand. I'm standing there. I'm kind of like, ‘is this your food?' I thought it was a gag or something."

It wasn't.

"There is really a gun pressed to my neck. I'm like alright just follow the directions he's giving you. You should be fine. He's not going to hurt you for no reason, right?" thought Moore.

Police said Moore was one of six delivery and taxi cab drivers held up by Holland between June 9 and June 29. One of Moore's co-workers was a victim the night before him.

"It was in the back of my mind," said Moore, "but I wasn't thinking it's going to happen to me next."

The others robbed included drivers from Papa John's and Pizza Hut, as well as a driver from a different Jimmy John's who was held up in the Highlands not long after Moore.

By that time, police said they were onto Holland because he was walking on South 3rd Street right after Moore was robbed wearing the same clothes Moore saw him wearing when he was held up.

Police said they knew Holland's address and his phone number. They picked him up Saturday at the motel he lived in on in the 3000 block of S. 3rd Street after they say he robbed a Papa John's driver.

"Every time you deal with something of this level and this magnitude where a weapon is involved and the possibility of injury or even death is involved it takes you by surprise. It takes you back," said Detective Aaron Tinelli.

With Holland behind bars now, Moore said he isn't as worried on his deliveries, though he says he's much more cautious.

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