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WKU's Petrino happy to be back on the sidelines

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Bobby Petrino had a rough year in 2012, now he's ready to get back to coaching football.

"I'm really fired about it," Petrino said. " I had a lot of fun throughout the recruiting process and then to go through spring ball with our players, hire a staff, so I've enjoyed every minute of it."

In December, Petrino was introduced as the new head football coach at Western Kentucky University. Petrino was fired by the University of Arkansas in April of 2012, after a motorcycle accident, an affair, and multiple lies. He took major hits both professionally and personally.

"Yeah, you learned a lot," Petrino told WAVE 3 Sports. "You learned that you have to keep your priorities straight and really pay attention to your family and really do the things right that you know how to do. I'm really happy to be back in coaching. I missed working with the players. It's amazing how much you miss seeing a young guy smile, or the look in his eye when he achieved or excelled and did something you told him he was going to do, so I missed that a lot, and missed working with the coaches, in the room, strategizing, on the field, practicing, breaking video down, I missed everything."

In January of 2007, he was on top of the world, fresh off leading UofL to a win in the Orange Bowl, he had just signed a lucrative contract to coach the NFL's Atlanta Falcons. Not long after accepting that job, Falcons starting quarterback Michael Vick was sent to jail for his role in a dog fighting ring, and Petrino had trouble finding his footing.

"No, you always look back and wonder what if?," Petrino said. "If I didn't say I did then I wouldn't be being truthful, because you do do that, but make a decision, live with it and move forward, and that's what I'm really trying to do now, is to get back and be real energized, see if I can help young men and affect their lives in a positive manner, help them reach their goals and the dreams that they have out there. That's the fun thing about college football, the thing I missed so much when I wasn't in college football, and you know, make a difference in the young man's life."

The Hilltoppers kick off the 2013 season on Saturday, August 31, in Nashville, Tennessee, against Kentucky.

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