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Like Father, Like Son

Estefan Albiero just graduated from Christian Academy.  As a senior he was a finalist in the 50 and 100 freestyle.  Now Estefan's accolades have earned him a spot with the hometown Cardinals.

"We've had two National Champions the past two years and the teams only getting better with the great incoming class, to me being a Cardinal means being a champion," said Estefan.

It also means being coached by his Dad; U of L head coach Arthur Albiero.

Arthur commented, "I said forget that you're my son, you're the type of athlete we'd recruit here, you know he's a great student, great potential, local guy with great local ties why not; this is exactly what we want."

"My Dad would've supported me anywhere I went but I don't think there's a better place to be," exclaimed Estefan.

Father Son combos are nothing new at Louisville.  Richard Pitino was an assistant under his Dad Rick on two different occasions. 

Arthur said, "With my coach hat on I'm excited to see what he can do potential wise, but as a father I'm thrilled he's going to be part of a great program."

"This is a great experience for both him and me.  I also think we're going to grow a lot closer over the next four years," commented Estefan.

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