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Police: Celebrating July 4 with gunshots can land you in jail

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Toledo Police have a warning to residents as the Fourth of July approaches. They say they get all kinds of calls for illegal fireworks, while the real ones are going off, but they will also receive many calls of ‘shots fired.'

People often fire their guns in the air to celebrate the Fourth, thinking it's a harmless way to spend the holiday, but in reality, it can be very dangerous.

Whether people are hanging out at the "Red, White, Kaboom" celebration along the river, or just outside their home, a bullet fired into the air must eventually come down – still traveling at a high speed.

Sgt. Kevin Braun says there have been cases all over the country of people being wounded or even killed by these bullets.

"You could be out in the field and think that, ‘I'm just out in a field, shooting off my gun in the air, celebrating,'" said Sgt. Kevin Braun with the Toledo Police. "But those bullets can travel very far, especially if it's coming from a high-powered weapon and not necessarily a handgun."

It is a crime to randomly fire a gun in the city limits, and if a bullet hurts or kills someone and police can discover who was responsible, that person could face serious charges.

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