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Lead member of popular group The Time Jumpers fights cancer

Dawn Sears Dawn Sears

The unforgettable voice behind one of Nashville's most popular groups is battling cancer, and now a lead member of The Time Jumpers is talking about the fight of her life.

The story behind The Time Jumpers is one that could only happen in Music City. A bunch of outstanding studio musicians got together to have a beer and jam back in 1998. Fifteen years and four Grammy Award nominations later, the group - including Country Music Hall of Fame member Vince Gill, Ranger Doug from Riders In The Sky and nearly a dozen others - is enjoying worldwide popularity.

But cancer has kept Dawn Sears, the only female singer of the band, off the stage for weeks.

"All the egos were left at the door, and actually there are no egos. We've all been kicked to the curb. We've all gotten back up - risen, fallen. We've all been in the thick of things and love and help each other," Sears said.

Now, it's Sears' turn to lean on friends and family after she was diagnosed in March with stage 3 lung cancer.

"I had seen chemo through my father, but I'd never seen radiation and was really terrified of radiation - rightfully so. There was a couple times I really didn't think I could do it, but somehow God gave me the strength," Sears said.

With just two rounds of chemotherapy and one radiation treatment left, Sears feels so good right now she is going to sing with the group at its regular Nashville show Monday evening.

"Coming from the dark side to now, I'm pretty good," she said.

And it's hard to not feel optimistic when so many people love you. A stack of letters and cards have arrived from four continents.

"This is going to sound crazy, but I think this disease is going to be a blessing in many ways, and you never know how much of an impact you're going to make," Sears said. "All I ever heard in the music business when I had record deals was what was wrong, not anything good."

Sears knows it is good. She's always been good, valued and loved, and it's not time to stop singing yet.

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