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World War II Vet celebrates milestone birthday

Cecil Rankin Cecil Rankin

LAYFETTE, IN (WAVE) - A World War II Veteran celebrated his 101st birthday this weekend.

Cecil Rankin was born in Brookston, north of Layfette, in 1912 and was than drafted into the Army when he was 32.

During Rankin's military career, he fought in many battles during World War II, including the Battle of the Bulge.

Upon celebration with family and friends Rankin exclaimed, "What am I celebrating, today? I'm celebrating my 101st birthday!"

Rankin's daughter Dorothy Doczy stated "The last five or six years, I thought each time he had a birthday that we might be done, but here we are, and he's doing good. He's doing great!"

Rankin said while he's seen and done a lot in his days, there's no real secret to making it past 100.

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