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Countdown to 2013 Cincinnati Bell / WEBN Fireworks


The 2013 Cincinnati Bell / WEBN Fireworks featured at P&G Riverfest is set for Sunday, September 1.

P&G Riverfest will be from Noon until 10 p.m. at Yeatman's Cove/Sawyer Point Park with the Cincinnati Bell / WEBN Fireworks starting at 9:05 p.m. featuring a Rozzi's Famous Fireworks choreographed to a WEBN zombie infested soundtrack.   

This year's Cincinnati Bell/WEBN fireworks are guaranteed to pack enough BOOM to "wake the undead." 

Throughout the week leading up to Sunday's event, organizers plan to set up equipment and load the fireworks for not your average show.

"Just putting together a nice show based on music and trying to out-do yourself from last year. That's the hardest part is out-doing last year's," said Joe Rozzi, the man behind the show.

In addition, P&G Riverfest is a family friendly event with live music, P&G Family Fun zones, vendor booths, and a live broadcast with WEBN and the KiddChris Show starting at 12 p.m. 

New events this year include the KiddChris Cardboard Boat Race, the Dent Schoolhouse / WEBN Zombie Walk, and a contest giving listeners the chance to nominate a soldier abroad to "Light the Fuse" from halfway around the world. 

"This year's event will surprise and impress fans of the Cincinnati Bell/WEBN fireworks," said Justin Tabas, Director of Integrated Marketing at Clear Channel Media + Entertainment Cincinnati and Executive Producer of the event. "We have expanded the theatrics of the event, and the staff is having fun incorporating the zombie theme in to our plans.  We want to show people that the ‘Frog' is back from the ‘dead' and better than ever!" 

"We're very proud of the fact that we can do this. This is something that is very, being Cincinnati natives, this is something that is real close to us," Rozzi added.

FOX19 is the TV media partner of the event, and you can see the entire show live on our TV station, and our free mobile application.

During the event, be sure to use the Twitter hashtag #waketheundead to share your pictures and memories.

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