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Tunnel blasting doesn't seem to disrupt neighbors

Don Evans Don Evans

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - When the traffic stops at the intersection of US 42 and the Gene Snyder Freeway it's only a matter of minutes before the peaceful sounds of nature turn into an explosion disrupting the land.

"Yesterday afternoon my wife said she was lying on the couch and she heard the windows rattling and heard not a explosion she heard a rumbling," said Don Evans, an area resident.

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In the two weeks since crews started with the blasts, that was the first Evans said they noticed. His house is within 500 feet of the blast site and what will be a tunnel connecting the Gene Snyder to the new east end bridge.

"I think progress is good and anytime you can progress for anything, whether it be for Kentucky or Indiana, I think it's good," said Evans.

The blasts are the first step to making that progress a reality. They will create the hole that becomes the south end of the tunnel.

"The tunnel itself where it goes beneath U.S. 42 is going to be 60 to 70 feet beneath the ground," said Dan Hartlage, a project spokesperson.

To create the tunnel, crews will blast two to four times a day for the rest of this year and into the next because those blasts cannot happen all at once.

"Each blast will loosen about 2,000 to 4,000 cubic yards of rock and dirt," said Hartlage. "With that comes about a day or two days of removal."

Some of that dirt will go to quarries while the rest will be used in other parts of this project, including the creation of a new embankment along the Gene Snyder and a construction road nearby.

Officials say next to building the bridge and tunnel their goal is to do it in a way that is least disruptive. The blasts will only happen off peak hours.

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