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Finding out the safety record of your child's school bus

Sgt. Jerry Goodin Sgt. Jerry Goodin
Officer Jared Newberry Officer Jared Newberry
Marvin Cundiff Marvin Cundiff

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - School may still be out for the summer for students, but for Indiana school districts, when it comes to their bus fleet it's time to get ready for back to school. Indiana State Police troopers are helping out and are turning to technology to help keep students safe.

ISP just rolled out a new county-by-county school bus inspection website. It lets you check out how safe your student's school bus is long before he or she ever sits down on an Indiana school bus.

"Indiana State Police inspects every single school bus across the state of Indiana every year before school starts," said Sgt. Jerry Goodin, spokesperson for the Sellersburg post district.

It's a daunting task that is carried out at least once a year by ISP troopers like Goodin. Now parents can check out those inspection records online.

"They [parents] can go onto the Indiana State Police website," said Goodin. "They can click on school bus inspections and actually find the county and the school system that their child goes to school in."

Just a few clicks away are more than 30,000 results.

"It will tell if it passed, if it failed, if it had to be re-inspected," said Goodin.

The results are updated in real time.

"We wanted to give one extra thing out there to parents to let them know that their children could be safe when they're on their way to school," Goodin said.

However, across the river it's a different story.

"In Kentucky, the Kentucky administrative regulations actually charge each independent school district with the actual annual inspection and the monthly inspection," said Officer Jared Newberry of the Kentucky State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement division.

In the aftermath of the June bus crash caused by a blown tire many have questioned if enough is being done to inspect and maintain school buses before it's too late. Having driven for the Jefferson County Public Schools in the past, Marvin Cundiff said the answer is yes.

"Very safe," said Cundiff, who now runs DC Tours and often contracts with JCPS for field trips. "I know several of the mechanics. No, you can't knock 'em."

Cundiff said the outings require that inspections be done by DC Tours drivers before each trip.

"They have to do a walk around, check the fluids, brakes," said Cundiff. "You know they have their own little thing that they have to do to make sure the bus is safe before it goes out."

Newberry said the program has worked very well in Kentucky and while bus inspection results are not posted online like Indiana's, they are they're still at the parent's fingertips by calling KSP headquarters in Frankfort at 1-800-222-5555.

One thing that agencies on both sides of the river suggest is before school is back in session that parents take time out for a lesson on school bus safety.

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