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Yarnell Hill Fire: Days after tragedy, memorial outside Fire Station 7 grows


A week ago, the memorial outside Fire Station 7, where many of the Granite Mountain fallen firefighters were based out of, consisted of a few bouquets of flowers and some notes, but now it is an entire block long, overflowing with posters, notes and mementos.

Despite the hundred degree temperatures, folks walked by, left mementos and set up shop outside Fire Station 7.

"I just thought it'd be more appropriate to come here, I can listen to it on my radio, and collect my thoughts and pray for these guys," said Shaun Sidebottom. He said he works for an ambulance company in town, and knows some of the brave men who died.  He dropped off a helmet from his own firefighting days overseas. 

"That is a helmet that is my own personal helmet that I used back home on the fire department for 10 years, the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service," Sidebottom said.

Other people dropped off notes, said a prayer, or took video of the hundreds of pictures, T-shirts, and messages lining the fire station.

"He was always a funny guy, he cared a lot about people, always cared about helping others before himself," said Katie Powers, who said she grew up with one of the fallen heroes, Scott Norris. She and the rest of the visitors at the fire station hoped Tuesday's memorial brings a sense of peace to the families.

"I drove by and I had to stop and walk along the wall, and see everything," said Colleen Anderson. "I hope the families can go on now."

Some visited the site for the second or third time; others, like the Arizona Patriot Guard, came here before, taking part in the service at Tim's Toyota Center. 

"We hold a flag line as the families come and go, to show our gratitude, and thank them for their sacrifice," said Patriot Guard member Adam Stein.

"These people gave up so much, and as a mom of three children, I can sympathize with their wives and I cannot imagine what they must be going through," said Patriot Guard member Nicole Stein.

We know several firefighters from other areas of Arizona, including Phoenix, are in Prescott, not only to show solidarity for their brothers, but also to relieve them of their duties in the immediate future, so they can cope with this tremendous loss.

"We're a brotherhood and we take care of each other," said Mark Gonzales with the Phoenix Fire Department.

They arrived in Prescott Valley early Tuesday morning, so the firefighters that normally man the station could attend the memorial.

"Some on the fire actually, some here to help, and some to be at the services," Gonzales said.

The Phoenix Fire Department sent about 100 firefighters to the Central Yavapai District, which includes Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Prescott.

"We got to come out and meet some, and work with some really great men and it was a great opportunity," Gonzales said.

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