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ISP creates school bus inspection website

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Hundreds of thousands of school buses must be inspected in the state of Indiana before students will be allowed to board them this fall.

The daunting task falls on the shoulders of Indiana State Police.

"Indiana State Police inspects every single school bus across the state of Indiana every year before school starts," said Indiana State Police Sergeant Jerry Goodin.

Troopers are now sharing results of those inspections online through a new school bus inspection website operated by ISP.

"They can go onto the Indiana State Police website," began Sgt. Goodin. "They can click on school bus inspections and actually find the county and the school system that their child goes to school in and then look up the bus their child rides."

Sgt. Goodin said the website currently boasts the results of more than 30,000 recent bus inspections throughout the state. Results automatically update following each new inspection.

"It will tell if it passed; if it failed; if it had to be reinspected," said Sgt. Goodin.

Across the Ohio River, things are run differently in Kentucky.

"The Kentucky administrative regulations charge each independent school district with the actual annual inspection," said Kentucky State Police Public Affairs Officer Jared Newberry.

Some have challenged that practice of self-regulation following the June 11 crash of a contracted Jefferson County School District bus along Interstate 64. While at least 30 Waggener High School students suffered injuries in the wreck, local commercial drivers maintain Kentucky's commercial vehicle inspection policies promote safety.

"[They are] very safe. I know several of the mechanics," said former JCPS bus driver Marvin Cundiff. "No, you can't knock 'em."

Cundiff now co-owns and operates a fleet service named DC Tours. He often contracts with JCPS for field trips and mandates DC Tours drivers conduct inspections before each trip.

"They have to do a walk-around, check the fluids, brakes," said Cundiff. "They have to make sure the bus is safe before it goes out."

"In Kentucky, that program has worked very well," said Officer Newberry.

While Kentucky's school bus inspection results are not posted online like Indiana's, Officer Newberry said records are still available to parents upon request.

"They can call 1 (800) 222-5555," said Officer Newberry. "That'll be our headquarters in Frankfort."

Whether in Kentucky or Indiana, officers with both agencies suggest parents make time with their kids for a lesson on school bus safety.

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