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Pass the Cash: A room for Chad

Amanda Smith (left) and Dawne Gee (right) went to surprise Carol Engle. Amanda Smith (left) and Dawne Gee (right) went to surprise Carol Engle.
Amanda Smith Amanda Smith
Carol Engle with her grandson Chad. Carol Engle with her grandson Chad.

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Have you ever been overwhelmed by a problem in your life or seen a mountain you have to climb and you know you just can't reach the top alone? As we went to Pass the Cash this week the cash wasn't the only thing we counted - we counted some blessings and looked around and smiled because it's a pretty good feeling to see people you can count on too.

We took a little road trip to Elizabethtown, and Elizabethtown was kind. Residents made their way around town to stop, say hello and Pass the Cash to us.

That's where we met Amanda Smith. She knew a family who needed us to Pass the Cash and pass the news to everyone that their home repair project with Habitat Home Repair was in need of help too.

She told us about Carol Engle, a woman who takes care of her 14-year-old grandson named Chad, "He has cerebral palsy and she's taken care of him since he was really small and their trying to raise enough money to build him a room."

It's amazing what love can do, but Engle needed a little help to continue to do what she does for her grandson.

As soon as Engle saw us at her door, she knew why were there. Smith still explained, "We know you've been trying to work on getting Chad a room. We know of nobody else that deserves it more than you."

Engle and Chad are getting help from Habitat Home Repair, but the materials for the room cost $12,000.

Elizabethtown has donated $1,000 so far.

We went to take a look at what needed to be done and got the chance to meet the love of Engle's life, Chad.

If you would like to make a donation to Hardin County Habitat for Humanity to help build Chad's room, click here, and be sure to add his name on the online donation form.

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