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WAVE 3 Guest Editorial - July 11, 2013: Right to Work

By Corey Thomas

After an eight-month hiatus that left millions of snack cake fanatics without some of their favorite treats, Hostess brands are back! As part of a major restructuring plan, Hostess has been able to hire back some former employees as long as they are non-union workers.  

You see - there are few aspects of operating costs that a business can control. One of those is the amount of money spent on workers' salaries.When Hostess was nearing bankruptcy it was, in part, due to the fact that its workers were unionized, meaning merit-based pay could not be utilized to its full extent.  

What does this mean for us? Typically, businesses are drawn to states where few onerous regulations exist. With forced union status, we are forcing on our businesses the same problems that led to the demise of Hostess and others.  

In right-to-work states, businesses can hire workers, union or non-union, by their own choice. If union membership is such a boon for workers, then it should be the unions' responsibility to make that case. Kentucky needs to elect bold leaders who will make us a more business friendly state so that we can not only be competitive in landing companies seeking to relocate, but also allow for businesses already in our state to grow.

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