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'I wish it had been me,' says elderly neighbor after fallen tree kills teen

Zackery Foree Zackery Foree
Jim Hagan Jim Hagan

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Family, friends and neighbors continue to mourn for the young teenager killed tragically during Wednesday's severe storms. 

Zackery Foree, 13, was riding his scooter when a large tree branch snapped from the trunk and pinned him.

Foree would have started eighth grade in August. It's been an extremely tough couple of days for all of his family and neighbors. It's the kind of accident that just leaves everyone wondering why. 

Jim Hagan, 82, just can't understand how a tragedy like this could happen on his quiet block in Windy Hills.

"I'm just sick," said Hagan. "I wish it were me. I had a birthday on the 3rd of July and I wish it had been me I swear."

Wednesday afternoon Foree was just trying to rush home on his scooter during a severe thunderstorm, but his innocent life was cut short when a huge tree limb snapped and crushed him. 

Neighbors and the boy's father used a car jack to get him out, but Foree passed away at Kosair Children's Hospital later that night.

"If there was anyway they could have taken me and let the boy go, but God does things in funny ways," said Hagan. 

Foree attended Kammerer Middle School. Friends say he was very outgoing, part of the band, and loved photography.

"He was just a nice kid, minded good," said Hagan. 

Hagan says children are always riding their bikes and scooters up and down Deerfield Lane. He remembers Foree as one of the boys who would always stop by to ring his dinner bell.

"I would boost him up you know or get him a chair to ring the bell and then they got old enough they could get their bikes and do kind of the whole thing by themselves," said Hagan.  

While he didn't know the Foree family well, his heart is heavy all the same as he hopes the family finds comfort. 

"I feel so sorry for the family," said Hagan. "I certainly keep them in my prayers, promise."

Funeral arrangements are being made at this time. Foree's mother tells WAVE 3 NEWS it will take place at Ratterman Funeral Home in St. Matthews, but the date and time have not been set. 

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