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Looming bridge construction has business owners wondering what the future holds

Billy Hill Billy Hill
Bernie Pasquantino Bernie Pasquantino

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Some businesses will reap the benefits of upcoming bridge construction and detours while others are worried about staying afloat.

Businesses are planning for the unexpected. From bakeries and cafes to trucking companies, business owners are planning their own detours into their business models. It's a detour that could cost consumers in the long run.

When there isn't an open road, the looming lane closures may cost more than time.

"It's about $150 per hour we lose," said Billy Hill of Hill Transportation Service in Shepherdsville, KY.

People are nervous, obviously," said Bernie Pasquantino, co-owner of Adrienne's Café in Jeffersonville, IN. "They don't want to get stuck in traffic."

Pasquantino said he appreciates Louisville diners at his café and hopes they won't avoid crossing the Ohio River to grab a sweet treat. But for those who have to navigate area interstates and the lane closures, Hill said it's going to back up traffic.

"Anytime we get traffic congestion, that brings a big expense not only to Hill Transportation but to every carrier," said Hill.

Hill is bracing for detours. When his trucks aren't on time, Hill said everyone loses.

"The driver loses revenue," Hill said. "The company loses revenue. The customer loses on time performance.

It's a cause and effect that is affecting you.

"Of course when we recoup through our customer, then it goes to the consumer and the cost of goods to the consumer," said Hill.

Still, Hill and Pasquantino admit everything will be good in the long run.

"I think we'll be fine," Pasquantino said. "They're doing a lot of really neat things in downtown Jeffersonville."

"It's positive for Louisville," said Hill, "it's a positive for transportation. Once it's done it will make it safer for the city of Louisville.

While businesses have had years to plan for this, the unexpected, like fuel prices, could change everything.

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