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Shuttered theme park now showing signs of life

John Mulcahy John Mulcahy
Part of the cleanup taking place inside Kentucky Kingdom. Part of the cleanup taking place inside Kentucky Kingdom.
Thunder Run Thunder Run
The water slide The water slide

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There is major progress being made inside Kentucky Kingdom. A lot is happening there and the clock is ticking to reopen the park since developer Ed Hart signed a lease last month with the state. The goal is have the park back open by May 2014 and big changes are already happening.

"There is dump truck, there are dozers," said John Mulcahy, director of marketing and communications for Kentucky Kingdom.

The park that has been sitting empty for years now finally has life. Crews are working around the clock to get it back in shape.

"We've had a crew on board since 120 days now that have done nothing but tackle the landscaping," said Mulcahy.

Time took its toll on Kentucky Kingdom. The view of the park was a true eyesore. The standing water at the pool was anything but refreshing. Looking at the water now, running through some of the rides is much different. It's clear.

"It's not that brown water that they saw on some of these aerial shots things are really happening out here," said Mulcahy.

Hurricane Bay was recently filled and underwent some basic testing. They'll also be replacing tiles and resurfacing the basin of the pool. Crews are also resetting timber that supports the steel track on the Thunder Run roller coaster.

With the exception of Greezed Lightning, every ride will be back. On Monday, crews were taking down the ride piece by piece, to make way for a new $7 million steel coaster.

The giant wheel will also be restored and repainted.

"Each of these gondola cars are made out of fiberglass," said Mulcahy. "We are going back and buffing them out and getting that fresh shiny look."

The goal is to make Kentucky Kingdom look and feel brand new, with fresh colors to give it a new atmosphere and attitude. 

'We're coming back and we're coming back fast," said Mulcahy.

The water park is also doubling in size. Nearly 60 people are working at the park to get the 40 rides and attractions back up and running.

The operational building, the command center for the park, is also getting a facelift. It's the place where people will be applying for jobs.

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