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Home sales stymied by East End bridge blasting

Kennon Sheehy Kennon Sheehy
Ellen Christian Ellen Christian
Judy Stewart Judy Stewart

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The blasting for the tunnel as part of the East End Bridge Project is causing some homeowners headaches.

Two to four times a day construction workers in the area of U.S. 42 and the Gene Snyder Freeway (KY 841) set off explosives. The blasting will be taking place for the rest of this year and part of 2014. Some East End residents living in the blast zone are finding it tough to find buyers for their homes.

"No one has come to look at our house since that started because of the construction," said Kennon Sheehy.

For Sheehy, the noise and the construction has made selling a challenge.

"It's hard to get in and out of our neighborhood and no one and been interested," said Sheehy.

Ellen Christian, a real estate agent, said the project is for the greater good.

"We'll always have construction around the city and its always for improvement of traffic, it'll be less dangerous, those interstate trucks going through, it'll make traffic so much nicer for people commuting into downtown and this is very temporary," said Christian.

The tunnel will connect the Gene Snyder to the new East End span that will bridge the gap between Utica, Indiana and Prospect, Kentucky. Potential buyers are not only concerned about the noise, they are also concerned about the traffic woes.  

"It's just a lot of congestion and they don't want to be bothered in their regular day trying to get to work and school with congestion," said Judy Stewart, a homeowner. 

Stewart has been trying to sell her home. It has been on the market since March.

However, Christian remains optimistic. 

"On the Fourth of July, we had louder fireworks than we've had with dynamite," she said.

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