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Bellarmine BBall Camp

For the past four weeks Bellarmine's been hosting their summer basketball camp for ages eight thru twelve.

Bellarmine camper Mason Huff said, "I'm having a lot of fun with my friends and playing basketball."

"It's great fun, you have great coaches, great students, great everything pretty much," commented nine-year-old Caleb Rountree.

Bellarmine Senior Point Guard Vance Hall exclaimed, "They don't have a care in the world, they're out here having fun and I mean we're out here having fun too so it's a good experience."

Coach Davenport and his team along with some U of L Women's basketball players are teaching these kids the fundamentals of the game.

"They're too young they have a basketball life in front of them and we try to encourage them everyday to be great teammates and learn to get better and become a great listener while they're here," said Bellarmine Head Coach Scotty Davenport.

U of L Graduate Assistant Nicole Ambrose conveyed, "For a lot of these kids this might be the first time where they are on a team playing five on five, so getting that experience going out and competing playing your hardest, playing with other teammates and learning how to work together I think is a great experience for them."

It's important what these kids are learning on the court, but it's more important what Coach Davenport and his staff are teaching them off the court.

"If a kid gets upset in the game of basketball because it didn't go his way, well let's get upset that you got a B instead of an A on a math exam so we want them to apply that drive and that desire in every facet of life," said Coach Davenport.

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