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Toledo home damaged by crews during teardown next door

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A Toledo woman says city crews damaged her property, but she had to pay for the repairs – because it's the law.

Charlotte Darwish woke up Tuesday morning to the sound of the abandoned house next to hers being torn down. For her, it was music to her ears.

"I've tried for so many years to get it torn down because the only thing that it's been occupied by is raccoons, rats and vagrants."

Watching the demolition, Darwish's excitement soon turned into expensive frustration.

"The window is broken and there's this big piece of metal that came off of the crane…laying here in the middle of our floor," she said.

Darwish wanted to get the glass fixed as quickly as possible. After speaking with the City of Toledo's law department, she learned the expense would have to come out of her own pocket.

"She informed me that the City of Toledo has immunity on damaged property while in the process of tearing down another piece of property next to it," Darwish explained.

City officials confirmed that because the damage was done unintentionally, Darwish has to pay the $194.28 bill, not the city.

"It does sound petty, $195, but it's $195 that I could use on one of my four children for their education," Darwish said. "I would like to see people such as myself have a voice, make an effort to be heard, and see some changes made in this city."

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