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Former Card, Wheat Teaches Area Youth Hoops Skills

(Louisville, KY.) He's one of the best point guards in the history of the University of Louisville, and with his playing days behind him, DeJuan Wheat has made it his mission to impart his basketball wisdom on the next generation of basketball players.

Wheat says the idea of hosting basketball camps actually started during his playing days in Argentina. He followed area basketball and noticed that there weren't many players from the city of Louisville on UofL, UK, or IU rosters, and he decided he wants to try to change that. "I made a promise to myself that when I get done playing, I was going to try to make a difference," said Wheat.

While it's important to Wheat to improve these players, keeping them healthy and hydrated is priority number one. "This heat in here is really hot, but these kids love it. I'm keeping the water jugs full so these kids stay hydrated, which is really important. Really important. You know, we've been doing that here," said Wheat. Wheat's former teammate at UofL, Tony Williams says they push the kids to work as hard as they can, but makes sure the campers stay hydrated. "anytime they ask for water, we allow them to go, and tell them to go get some more. Just because we know how important it is," said Williams.


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