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Shooting survivor's 13th birthday celebration

Toni Landers Toni Landers

A young girl caught in gun crossfire and shot at a playground turned 13 today.

Toni Landers is lucky to be alive and she's getting a lot of support as her recovery continues. 

It's been almost two months since a stray 45 caliber bullet went through her chest, punctured a lung and exited her back two inches from her spine. But, tonight it is a birthday party and fundraiser for the new teenager.

It was May, when Toni and family were playing at a park on the East Side when three men started shooting at each other. One of the bullets hit Toni and her cousin rushed her to the hospital.

Tonight several groups including the NAACP, the National Action Network, and the Southern Baptist Leadership Conference helped raise money for Toni's medical bills.

In a statement by Toni she said, "God kept me here to reach the age of 13. So I'm just happy, thankful for it."

Toni's mother, Clarisse Lee, said, "I'm just glad she's here, she made it. We're not here at a vigil we're here celebrating her life. She lived, she was 12 years-old when it happened but she made it, she made it to see 13."

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