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Upstate woman spends days in hospital after a trip to the nail salon


An Upstate woman said she went to the nail salon to get pampered, but ended up in the hospital.

The woman said she got an infection so bad that she had to be admitted.

Now, state regulators have been contacted to look into the nail salon.

Without naming the salon, because there is no proof at this time that the salon did anything wrong, FOX Carolina contacted the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. They said they had heard of the complaint, but would not confirm if any investigation was launched.

The patient said her fingers swelled so much, and were so painful, that she couldn't even use them to comb her hair or brush her teeth.

She said her doctor told her it was a bacterial infection, that had come from a cut.

She said she went to a nail salon over the weekend, and within hours, she said the skin around her fingernails began to itch. By bedtime, she said her fingers were swollen and by Sunday morning, the pain lead her to the emergency room.

Rosanne Kinley, a licensed nail technician, who served 13 years on the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology, discussed nail salon safety.

She said anyone who goes to a salon should ask questions about how their tools are disinfected.

She said every salon is inspected yearly, and more often, if there have been complaints.

Kinley said Board standards include making sure some tools, like nail files, are individually wrapped. Others, like nail clippers and cuticle nippers need to be cleaned, disinfected and stored properly.

Kinley said if the board receives a complaint, they launch an investigation immediately. In theory, the Board can issue civil penalties, suspend or revoke licenses, and even close facilities, if issues aren't fixed.

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