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WAVE 3 Editorial - July 18, 2013: Feedback

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Our "Right to Work" guest editorial generated much feedback.

Steven Wimsatt emailed: "The U.S. Bureau of Labor ranked Kentucky second in the nation for job growth rate over the past year, with a net increase of 2.6 percent. That growth is more than double the rate of our nearby competitor states. From September 2011 to September 2012, 47,000 jobs were created in the Commonwealth. The anti-union, right to work for less law will lower wages. This is not the material that economic development is made of, and it can only hurt the workers in a state that already has competitive wages."  

Gary Morris emailed: "As a small contractor I have a problem with the state and federal government telling me where I can work and what club my employees have to belong to work on certain projects. Most independent contractors pay wages and give benefits comparable to union scale. The difference is they do not have to pay what amounts to extortion money to someone to keep their job. Whether a contractor wants to unionize employees or a person wants to belong to a union should be an individual decision not a law. Thinks like project labor agreements on public projects that require union participation should not be allowed."

We appreciate and welcome all of your feedback.  

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