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Mayor may issued subpoena in Shanklin hearing

Mayor Greg Fischer Mayor Greg Fischer
Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Mayor Greg Fischer may have to testify in hearings to remove a Louisville Metro councilwoman.

The Metro Council Court is reserving a ruling to issue a subpoena for the mayor.

In March, the Metro Ethics Commission found Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin violated four sections of the Metro Ethics Rules and recommended her removal from the Metro Council.

Commission members found Shanklin had significant involvement in the Petersburg/Newburg Improvement Association and still directed neighborhood development funds to that group. Members say Shanklin failed to disclose that she had the ability to make financial decisions for the group and disburse money. Money that went to the association later was given to Shanklin's family members, the commission found.

In addition, the ethics commission found that Shanklin violated ethics rules regarding the hiring and direct supervision of a family member. Her grandson worked in Shanklin's Metro Council office.

On April 1, Aubrey Williams, the attorney for Newburg-area councilwoman, filed an appeal on Shanklin's behalf appealing the findings Ethics Commission.

Shanklin filed suit to delay her trial on the ethics charges in June.

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