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Woman shot during mugging in St. Matthews parking lot

Parking lot where the shooting occurred. Parking lot where the shooting occurred.
Dwight Mitchell Dwight Mitchell
Bruce Jarrett Bruce Jarrett
Teri Taylor Teri Taylor

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A night out ended with a woman getting shot in St. Matthews. Police were called to Saints on Breckenridge Lane, but that's not where what appears to be a mugging happened.

At 3:15 a.m., police say two men approached the woman in her late 20s in the parking lot of Meridian Cafe, behind Saints and started chatting, then went for her purse .

"As they were trying to do that they also pistol whipped her and then she was shot in the forearm," explained Dwight Mitchell, a Louisville Metro Police spokesperson.

After shooting the woman Mitchell said the men left with her purse.

In the 10 years since Saints opened its doors in St. Matthews, owner Bruce Jarrett said crime has not been a concern.

"There's been silly car break ins and minor things happen around here in the past ten years," said Jarrett, "but nothing like this."

His night crew had just closed for the evening when the woman ran to them for help. They opened the doors, let her in and locked them immediately unsure if someone was chasing behind.

"The night manager and the other staff wrapped up her arm and did what they could until EMS got here," Jarrett said.

By the time Teri Taylor showed up for her shift later Friday morning at Meridian Cafe she couldn't believe someone shot a woman in the parking lot.

"It's upcoming and growing and we do have a lot of restaurants around here," said Taylor. "There's a lot of business, a lot of wonderful people come around."

Taylor, along with Jarrett, know just because you think you're in an area where muggings or shootings do not often happen, it doesn't mean it can't.

"I think something like this could happen anywhere," said Taylor.

"It's random," said Jarrett. "These guys if they were on Baxter Avenue they would have taken the opportunity to do that as well. I don't think it matters if it's Fourth Street or Baxter or here."

It's why police hope what happened in the parking lot will serve as a warning.

"Anywhere you are and it's that time of morning or that time of night certainly you would be more diligent," said Mitchell. "Generally those kind of people who are going to do those types of crimes are out, no matter what part of the city you're in."
It's something Taylor and her co-workers will think of now.

"I think the girls around here will be watching their backs a little bit more definitely," she said.

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