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Two National Champs Return Home

Louisville, KY (WAVE) National Champs Luke Hancock and Montrezl Harrell returned back to Louisville this week after competing for their country overseas.

Montrezl who helped the U-S under 19 team win the Gold over in Prague, Czech Republic, wasn't so fond on the food selection.

"The food oh yea it was terrible, it was terrible.  Some of the stuff we had was pretty good but I couldn't do it much longer, if I had to for like three months I couldn't do it," said Harrell.

As far as what they ate over in Prague, Montrezl wasn't exactly sure but he couldn't wait to get home to get some real food.

Harrell commented, "They had different types of meat that wasn't really what I was expecting, you really just had to taste it on your own and once you discovered that taste I knew that's not what I wanted."

Luke also spoke to the media Friday after being the flag bearer for the United States in the World University Games in Russia.  This trip came right after his Fathers passing due to a long battle with cancer.  When asked about what it meant for his Father to see his son win the National Championship he responded. 

"It's been a very difficult time and to be a way like that it's a lot tougher to make the phone call or to call someone so it was kind of rough.  But for us to have that moment (In Atlanta) to share that was pretty impressive, it was great," said the Final Four MVP.

As far as carrying the flag out, Luke couldn't be more proud to represent his country in front of the World.

Hancock exclaimed, "I was pretty honored, it kind of set me back a little bit and I'll never forget that for the rest of my life."

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