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Local All American

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22 year old Stephanie Klefot has been playing competitive volleyball since she was a kid.

"She used to watch her Mom and Dad play in the gym and then she started picking up the volleyball and after she started picking it up she went with it," said Stephanie's Mom Mary Klefot Bilyeu.

Stephanie Klefot commented, "I loved it, it was competitive, I had really good friends on the teams."

"You know six, seven years old she'd be out in the driveway hitting the ball up against the garage and from there it just grew," exclaimed Stephanie's Father John Klefot. 

It grew leaps and bounds as she continued to get better year after year winning a state championship at Assumption and then later receiving a scholarship to UK where she became an All American.

Stephanie said, "It's different, I don't like the attention but it's an honor to be under all the other girls who had the All American status at UK."

"Like going to the gym early, staying late, wanting to win and that's her whole thing, she wants to win always," exclaimed Mary.

That winning pedigree has now earned her a chance to compete for the US National Team with aspirations of playing in the Olympics one day.

John commented, "Well for me as a parent it makes you proud to see your child succeed in something she has a passion for."

"It's amazing, it's a great opportunity I feel blessed for everything.  All the opportunities I've had at Assumption, KIVA, UK, and now the Olympic team, I don't know hopefully we'll go forward from here," said Stephanie.

Stephanie leaves for Anaheim, California, on Wednesday for a chance to compete for the US National Team.