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WAVE 3 Editorial - July 23, 2013: Become an Organ Donor

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

If we had the ability to save the life of another person, we'd do it.

There are 1,500 people in Indiana, 935 in Kentucky and more than 100,000 in the United States right now whose lives could be saved by an organ or tissue donation. 

Today, like every day, 18 people will die while waiting for a donated organ.

This week we told you the story of Tom Wills, our former WAVE 3 News meteorologist, who was diagnosed this year with a severe disease that was damaging his heart, and threatening his life.

A heart transplant was needed to save his life.  He was fortunate to receive a healthy human heart from a deceased donor who had previously consented to donate his organs.

One person can save up to seven lives through organ donation.  Fifty lives can be enhanced through tissue donation.      

It is the ultimate gift you can give, and legacy you can leave, as you depart this life.

To register as a donor is a simple and free process.  Just do it when you renew your drivers license.

You can also contact Donate Life Kentucky or Donate Life Indiana.

Somewhere, someone like Tom Wills, will thank you for it.

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