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Kentucky firefighters head to Utah to help battle wildfires

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The firefighters left on Wednesday. The firefighters left on Wednesday.
Wildlife Biologist Joe Metzmeier Wildlife Biologist Joe Metzmeier
Crew Boss Dwayne Anderson Crew Boss Dwayne Anderson

LEXINGTON, KY (WLEX) - Utah firefighters need extra help battling wildfires and some Kentucky firefighters are heading that way to lend a helping hand.

Relief crews are headed to Utah to aid firefighters battling wildfires for weeks. The Kentucky Division of Forestry is sending 21 firefighters to assist with wildfires in big timber, juniper and grass. Their specific tasks up in the air.

"You may end up setting up pumps using water hoses or do good ol' back breaking grubbing...chainsaw work," said Wildlife Biologist Joe Metzmeier.

The firefighters go fully equipped and camp out for two weeks. It's a dangerous job as the nation was sadly reminded after 19 Arizona firefighters died battling wildfires there, in June.

"Basically, you're not to let your guard have look outs, communication and escape routes in place," said Crew Boss Dwayne Anderson. "You do the best job your trained to do."

The U.S. Forest Service put out the request for extra help, now these Kentucky Firefighters are on their way.

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