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Kidd Kraddick's impact in East Texas: 'He went above and beyond'

Kidd Kraddick was known for his humorous morning show and for his children's charity called Kidd's Kids, which sends chronically and terminally ill children to Disney World. Kraddick died Saturday while at a charity golf tournament. His charity Kidd's Kids has had a direct impact on East Texans.

"It just brought tears to your eyes because of all the memories we had on our trip," said Lydia Munoz.

Munoz and her daughter Danielle went on a Kidd's Kids trip in November 2011.

Danielle was eight years old at the time and diagnosed with Cockayne Syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by short stature and an appearance of premature aging.

"Some people won't even leave their hometown because it's hard financially, or due to the illness of the kids. He knew that and he went above and beyond to make sure we get to experience that," said Munoz.

Kraddick made millions smile over the years through his show, without leaving these kids behind.

"Him and his staff made time to sign autographs and they took pictures with all of us. They played with the kids, rode rides with the kids and ate with us and everything. On the plane we interacted with them. It was just something you will never forget," said Munoz.

His contagious personality blended perfectly with these kids.

"He was like a kid himself when he was playing with the kids and interacting with the kids. He never treated or looked at you or the kids wrong. He was just happy, always laughing and smiling. He always had a smile on his face and was always happy person," said Munoz.

It was an experience of a lifetime for Danielle, not possible without Kidd's Kids.

Lydia has one final wish; that his legacy to continue.

"He did everything he can to help these families out and that's going to be missed. I hope they continue Kidd's Kids so other kids can experience what we did. He wouldn't want it to end. He would want to continue helping kids. He would want to help more kids and more people," said Munoz.

Preliminary autopsy results are in on the radio host. The coroner said it appears Kraddick died from an enlarged heart. Kraddick had three heart arteries with between 40 and 80% blockage. The final autopsy on Kidd Kraddick will not be out until a toxicology report is complete.

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