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Man attempts to escape stopped police car

Thomas Carr, 29 Thomas Carr, 29

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A man arrested for domestic violence jumped out of the back of a police car in an effort to escape.

Police arrested Thomas Carr, 29, in his home at 835 Denmark Street in south Louisville near Churchill Downs around midnight on July 28. His pregnant ex-girlfriend was visiting him when she said he tried to physically force her out of his house. According to a police report, Carr broke the woman's cell phone when she attempted to call police.

Neighbors told officers they heard screaming coming from the house and noticed Carr throwing his ex-girlfriend's belongings outside at her. Officers spotted cuts on the woman's arms and shoulders.

She is pregnant with Carr's child.

When police arrested him, they reported hearing Carr say he "couldn't go back to prison," before handcuffing him and putting him in the back of a police cruiser.

As they were taking him to metro corrections, he said he was getting too hot and felt faint. The officer slightly rolled down the rear window where he was sitting as a precaution.

After they drove for about four miles, Carr stuck his head completely throw the cracked window, taking the window off of its track. The police car and a backup car stopped, at which point he lunged out of the window and landed on his head and shoulders.

Officers took him to UofL for treatment.

Carr is charged with intimidating a participant in a legal process and second degree escape—both felony charges. He is also charged with misdemeanor counts of assault and criminal mischief.

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