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Unexpected delivery brings love, heartache to family of four

Ryan McCutcheon and Stacy Stevens Ryan McCutcheon and Stacy Stevens
Ryan with Gavin and Grace Ryan with Gavin and Grace

GREENVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A Kentuckiana couple has been on a journey that has been more like a roller coaster. It's going to be hard to top 2013 for them. They got engaged, bought a new home, a new vehicle and found out they were pregnant. Sounds like a lot but, that's not the end of it.

Stacy Stevens and Ryan McCutcheon met when they were just 13 and 14 years old.

"She despised me when I was in high school," said McCutcheon.

Three years ago, they reconnected. 

"It was 4th of July," said McCutcheon. "We kissed and yeah, it was more than friendship."

Their relationship started off more like a family. Stevens already had two children, Gavin, 8, and Grace, 2. The couple got engaged in December 2012 and two weeks later came something they weren't expecting.

"I was really sick, but I would crave the most random things," said Stevens.

Stevens and McCutcheon knew they wanted to add to their family, they weren't expecting to add to it so quickly.

"She asked if multiples ran in our family and I said twins do," said Stevens.

An ultrasound provided a peek inside that revealed so much more.

"Well, you are having four," said Stevens.

"We just thought she was joking and we were waiting for a punch line and never got it," said McCutcheon.

The reason why the pregnancy was so shocking - the babies were conceived without any type of fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization.

"I looked at her and said I'm so sorry," said McCutcheon.

The odds of getting pregnant with quadruplets without any medical assistance is approximately one in 750,000.

"I was actually on birth control pill and took antibiotics for a week and got pregnant that week," said Stevens.

The panic set in. Their family of four was about to grow to 8 in just a matter of months.

So, the couple decided to document their journey on Facebook. Their page, called The McCutcheon Quads, has more than 5,500 likes. Every picture, every post, they decided to make their journey public.

"It's such a miracle that we were having four babies that we wanted to share our journey with other people and wanted to reach out to other multiple families," said Stevens.

Steven's due date was set for August 30. The baby showers helped them get what they needed, which was four of everything! Stevens went into labor early at 27 weeks on May 31.

McCutcheon was a respiratory therapist at Kosair Children's Hospital when the babies were born. He's seen his share of medical heartache.

"Seeing on all those babies on vents and everything," said McCutcheon. "It's something you don't want to see your child go through."

Stevens had the two boys and two girls by caesarean section. Kollin, Brinley, Kinley and Bennett were born, all just weighing over 2 pounds each. 

"They would have their hand around your finger, wouldn't even cover up your finger nail," said McCutcheon. "They were so little."

And then something that they could have never been prepared for. Brinley suddenly wasn't doing well.

"She had a brain bleed," said McCutcheon. Stevens and McCutcheon only had eight days with her.

"It was hard to make funeral arrangements," said McCutcheon.

The McCutcheon quads were now three, but to mom and dad, there will always be four.

"She's a little touchy about it," said McCutcheon.

"She was born," said Stevens. "Just because she left before everyone else did doesn't mean she wasn't here."

Since May, Kinley, Kollin and Bennett have been at Kosair Children's Hospital receiving around the clock care. Stevens and McCutcheon have been making daily trips to spend time with them.

On July 28 they were able to bring Kollin home. He's been getting plenty of love and attention from his older siblings. They've got a new home and a car that can seat everyone. The babies' rooms are ready and there is no shortage, as of now, for diapers and wipes. Every moment of their journey is a milestone, every moment is a memory they say they will never take for granted.

"It's been an absolute roller coaster but, it's all worth it," said Stevens.

Stevens and McCutcheon hope to have their other two babies, Kinley and Bennett, home by early August. They had all intentions of getting married this year, but having four babies put that plan on hold. They hope to have a destination wedding around summer or fall of 2014 and plan on waiting to have more children.

Click here for a link to The McCutcheon Quads Facebook page.

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