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Domestic related evidence revealed during Shanklin trial

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Tensions ran high and a major piece of evidence was revealed during the Metro Council Court removal hearing for Louisville Metro Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin on Tuesday.

Proceedings went past 7 p.m. after it was revealed the president of the Petersburg-Newburg Improvement Association, James Flowers, lived in Shanklin's home when he applied for the funds she is accused of misusing.

Shanklin testified neither she or Flowers disclosed their relationship, which is alleged to be against the Metro Council code of ethics.

Before the evidence involving Flowers was revealed heated words were exchanged between Shanklin's attorney, Aubrey Williams, and County Attorney Mike O'Connell;

Williams: "You are unfair, he's being unfair. He knows it's improper. I'm asking the chair to not try and to quit trying to sway this council against my client. That's what it said and I presume that's on the record."

O'Connell: "It's on the record now."

Williams: "Yes thank you."

Shanklin said she does not want the tension between Aubrey and O'Connell to impact the verdict in the case and wants O'Connell replaced, "I want to know how I can actually get a fair trial if these two can't get along and he's your advisor and they've already stated that they do not get along so I just feel like I'm not going to get a fair shake. So I need to see if we can get someone else up here that's neutral."

Shanklin is facing two charges of misusing her council powers. If she is found guilty of either charge she could be removed from her position on the council.

Shanklin is scheduled to be back on the stand on Wednesday.

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