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Former Cats Return For Calipari's Camp

(Lexington, KY) Six NBA, first round draft picks, all former Kentucky Wildcats, returned to Lexington to support their former coach, John Calipari at his annual ProCamp.

At least one player from all four of Calipari's teams at University of Kentucky were represented at the camp. The players take great pride in coming back to the university to help out their former coach. "It is a great experience to come back and help Coach Cal out, and to be back in Lexington," said New Orleans center, Anthony Davis. Quite often, the former players at these camps have just as much fun as the kids. "We're basically still kids. When we're around situations like this, that's what we are. Kids," said current Sacramento King, Demarcus Cousins.

The parents at the camp also get a big kick out of seeing the former Cats. Danny Edelen has two sons playing in the camp, and he's just as excited as they are. "my boys are having an absolute ball out here. Six NBA players out here. It really doesn't get much better than that," said Edelen.


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