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Police: Criminals preying on pain

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Donald Johnson Donald Johnson
Delores and Donald Johnson Delores and Donald Johnson
Lt. Rob Davis Lt. Rob Davis

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Losing a loved one is one the hardest things to go through. That is why it's really disturbing when someone preys on that pain and police say is happening to several area families.

Married for 53 years, Donald Johnson says his wife Delores was his best friend.

"She loved everybody, helped everybody out she could," said Johnson. "She was caring and kind person.'

That's why Donald will never stop thinking of her. Delores passed away on July 26. At 73, she lost her battle with cancer. Her obituary was printed in the paper.

"Still can't get her out of my mind, I won't for a long time, probably never," said Johnson.

To make matters worse, Donald's pain got worse. While at Delores' funeral on Monday, someone broke into his home.

"We had extension cord running on back window to a crock pot sitting out there on the thing," said Johnson. "That's the window they came in."

Whoever broke in, stole several items including, Johnson's coins, coin counter full of money and Delores' jewelry. Donald isn't the only victim. Police said the burglars are finding their targets right out of the paper or online.

"Obviously these are crimes of opportunity and these criminals are opportunist," said Louisville Metro Police Department Lt. Rob Davis. "It's one of the worst people to prey on is a victim of a family death."

Police said everything criminals need to know is printed in black and white - in the obituaries.

"We're also giving out the info on where you are going to be, where you are not going to be, and the times," said Lt. Davis. "There is a giant opening there of when they can hit the house."

"To me it's the lowest life person that could be," said Johnson. "You just can't feel how bad it is. Enough to kill em, if I got a hold of em."

Police said the best thing you can do is make sure someone stays at your home while you are at your loved one's funeral and visitation.

Johnson admitted, when you are hurting so much already, it's hard to imagine someone kicking you while your down.

"We just didn't think about leaving somebody here," said Johnson. "At that kind of circumstances you aren't thinking straight to begin with. I just hope they can catch them."

Lt. Davis said he's seen three break-ins in the east end in the last two weeks while people have been gone for funerals. Davis said the M.O. has been the same in all of them, the criminals breaking into the back of the home. In the other cases, the criminals have also stolen items like jewelry, irreplaceable mementos and firearms.

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