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Shanklin removal trial wraps up

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Barbara Shanklin Barbara Shanklin

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Lawyers made their final arguments to the Louisville Metro council and a vote should come Wednesday night on whether Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin, (D) District 2, should get kicked out of office.

The Newburg councilwoman herself was on the stand for most of the last day of testimony. 

The squabbling between the two sides continued. It's gotten nastier each day of the trial.

Wednesday, Council Court Chair Jim King, (D) District 10, tried to reign it in.

"It's not necessary for you to make those kind of comments and frankly, I believe it's unprofessional," King said, addressing Shanklin's attorney Aubrey Williams about his animosity for Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell.  O'Connell advises King on legal issues during the trial.

Shanklin is charged with two instances of violating the Metro's ethics ordinance, setting up an ex-offender program that primarily benefited her family and getting a Metro Council Neighborhood Development Fund grant for an organization that she financially controlled.

She says she was only working for the people who live in her district.

"Your passion and care of community is not what we have to vote on because if we did, I believe you probably are one of the ones, council members that care deeply about your district," Robin Engel, (R) District 22, told Shanklin.

Williams argued Shanklin didn't intend to do anything wrong.  He said, "a grassroots community in the black community is often sloppy, slip shod, not the Rotary Club, not the Kiwanis club, not the YMCA and all of those organizations, who have sophisticated board members. We have an oppressed, depressed, many uneducated people running grass roots organizations."

Two-thirds of the council court has to vote against Shanklin for her to be removed.

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