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Back to school can mean sticker shock for parents

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SOUTHERN INDIANA (WAVE) - Thursday morning means back to school for many students in Southern Indiana and those parents waiting until the last minute for school supplies just might be paying more.

 Every year, Huntington National Bank looks at the cost of school supplies. Its backpack index shows prices jumped this year about 7 percent; far outpacing inflation at 1.8 percent. For some parents the prices are pure sticker shock.

"The new thing this year has been ear phones or ear buds. That's never been on our list before and I didn't realize how much that would be," said Kristy Burton who was shopping for her daughters.

The best piece of advice is to comparison shop and focus on what is really needed; skip the "cute" stuff.

School supply lists can typically be found in major retail centers or can be printed from school district websites.

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