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Council members explain split Shanklin vote

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Barbara Shanklin Barbara Shanklin
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's back to work for the Louisville Metro council after finding Councilwoman Barbara Shanklin (D-District 2) guilty of misconduct, but voted to keep her in office.

The vote of whether or not Shanklin misused Neighborhood Development Funds ended in 16 guilty, four not guilty.  

On accusations she ran an ex offender program that ben fitted herself and her family the verdict was 12 guilty, eight not guilty.

As far as the decision as to whether Shanklin should be removed from the council 13 voted yes and seven voted no.  Fourteen votes in favor of Shanklin's removal were needed in order for her to lose her seat. For a complete look at the vote breakdown, click here.

Three members of the council voted guilty on the NDF charges, but still voted to let her remain on the council. They were Brent Ackerson (D-District 26) Attica Scott (D-District 1) and David Tandy (D-District 4.)

Ackerson said in a statement he was personally upset by the actions of Barbara Shanklin calling them "stupidity, ignorance of procedures, or misguided intentions," but he said it didn't rise to the level of removal from office.

[Full statements issued followed Shanklin verdict]

Scott had a very different reason for voting to keep Shanklin in her seat. Scott took the oath of office one month after her predecessor, the late Doctor Judy Green, resigned and then her fellow council members removed her from office in September 2011.

"I'm actually in a position where that happened to someone else and so now I'm serving in that seat," Scott said.

So when it came time to remove Shanklin, she said she thought of her own neighbors, "who felt like they didn't have an opportunity to have a voice and so now her constituents have an opportunity to make a decision when election time comes up whether or not they'll keep her in the seat.

In Shanklin's neighborhood, at Newburg's Kindergarten Countdown, a couple said that the Councilwoman now has a lot to prove to them, but with others, she's still very popular.

"Regardless of what she has done in the past, she is so supportive of kids, of making sure that kids are out of jail, in safe situations, that her community is safe," said Krista Campisano, who organized the countdown at Newburg Church of Christ.

Now Shanklin will have to return to the council chambers - where she was so recently on the hot seat - to work again with some of the same people who just voted against her.

"It will take a couple weeks of hard feelings and folks feeling offended and disrespect and then we just have to move forward and say, 'You know what, what is for the best for this city?'" Scott said.

Councilman David Tandy, who also split his vote, didn't return phone calls Thursday.

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