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Indiana State Trooper's third trial set to take place in Boone County

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A judge is deciding if certain evidence can be used in the third murder trial of a former Indiana State Trooper.

David Camm's two murder convictions have been thrown out.

His third trial is expected to begin in two weeks in Boone County.

Camm is accused of murdering his wife and two children.

The latest in the hearing had one simple objective inside the Spencer County Courthouse: should or should not a DNA test conducted outside of the U.S. be admissible as evidence?

The defense called a Dutch forensic lab technician to the stand on Thursday afternoon who claims to have found a considerable amount of DNA on Kim and Jill Camm's clothing that belongs to Charles Boney.

Boney was convicted in 2006 on charges connected to the Camm family killings.

Meanwhile, the prosecution argued that the DNA found was not a conclusive match, and that forensic testing outside of the country should be admissible, because it is "unreliable."

"The prosecutor has been in there arguing, and I think he's trying to discredit the DNA expert, perhaps just because all of the testing was not done within the United States," says Kathy Lowe, a friend of David Camm. "To me, blood is blood wherever it comes from. And I just hope we finally see justice for David."

The special prosecutor in the case, Stan Levco, has verified that the trial will go on as scheduled on August 12 in Boone County, Indiana.

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