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Children allegedly abducted by Princeton man back home safe


Some quick action by a security guard may have saved the lives of five young children.

The suspect in the case is now being held in the Gibson County Jail, awaiting his first court appearance expected Monday morning.

Police arrested 47-year-old Marvin Boze in Fort Branch on Friday afternoon, hours after a security guard at Duke Energy found the kids.

Two of the kids were tied up.

Police say the five kids are okay and back with their family after a terrifying ordeal that could have ended much worse if not for the heroic efforts of the security guard.

That man came across Marvin Boze's truck while on patrol at Duke Energy around 11:30 on Thursday night.

Police say he found two boys, one of the hog-tied outside the truck and three more children were inside. 

They say Boze picked up the kids who were being watched by a teenager earlier in the evening.

Once the guard arrived, Boze fled of foot and allegedly stole vehicles to make his way to the Palestine, Illinois area before being arrested in Fort Branch.

Police say they're no telling what would have happened if the security guard didn't come along when he did.

"It just makes me so proud and happy that he can do this for these kids, that he could help them and save them," says Sara Smith, a friend of the security guard. "It just puts you in tears."

Prosecutors have charged Boze with criminal Confinement and two counts of Auto Theft.

They are also reviewing surveillance video allegedly showing Boze while he was running from police.

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