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Judge to make ruling on DNA tested outside of country for former ISP trooper murder trial


A decision is expected next week on whether some DNA evidence will be admitted in the third murder trial of former Indiana State Trooper, David Camm.

Friday was the last day of the hearing on that question.

It's the Independent Forensic Services' findings that the defense wants entered as evidence in the upcoming trial, and that the state is fighting to exclude.

An ISP DNA expert spent about two and a half hours on the stand on Friday.

During that time, the prosecution argued the DNA testing done in the Netherlands by the IFS was unreliable since the process for testing there is non consistent with the DNA process done in the United States.

Since there was such a small DNA sample tested, the prosecution argued the test results are inconclusive but during cross-examination, the defense argued since the IFS lab is accredited, it is on par with any lab in America.

"If they allow this DNA evidence in, we will be closer to having a jury who can actually hear the truth," says Julie Blankenbaker. "We're cautiously optimistic. We're guarded, but hopeful, absolutely, that maybe finally the truth will be allowed to be present in a courtroom."

Judge Jon Dartt says he will make a ruling on this matter some time next week.

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