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Graphic testimony in Josh Young murder trial

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Josh Young listening to testimony on August 6. Josh Young listening to testimony on August 6.
Trey Zwicker (Source: Family photo) Trey Zwicker (Source: Family photo)
Dr. Amy Beckham Dr. Amy Beckham
Paul Embry Paul Embry
Det. Scott Russ being questioned by prosecutors. Det. Scott Russ being questioned by prosecutors.

 LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It was a graphic day of testimony in the Josh Young murder trial. A number of witnesses talked about how Trey Zwicker was killed. The medical examiner also gave testimony about Zwicker's autopsy. Josh Young had his head down while the medical examiner showed pictures and gave graphic details about how she believed Zwicker was killed. 

"I believe he was punched in the left eye and fell back and then received all the other injuries," said medical examiner Dr. Amy Beckham. Beckham said Trey had multiple injuries, the worst a skull fracture. She says he was also beaten repeatedly with a "rod type object" on his back.

Zwicker was only 14 years old when he died in May 2011 after police say his stepfather Josh Gouker and stepbrother Josh Young beat him.  Students from Liberty High School found Zwicker's body in a ditch behind the school.

Zwicker's younger sister, who is in the 5th grade, also testified on Tuesday. She told the jury she couldn't remember what she told the social worker about her brother's death.

"Do you remember what happened that night really, really good?" questioned the defense.  "Not perfectly," said Zwicker's younger sister.

Three men currently behind bars, who at some point came in contact with Josh Gouker while he was in jail, also made an appearance. One inmate refused to testify when he got into the courtroom.

"You don't have the legal right to decline," said the Judge Barry Willett. "You are a witness you have to testify."

"I decline, I have nothing to say," said the inmate.

"I hold you in contempt of court," said Willett.

The two other inmates gave their accounts of what Gouker told them about Zwicker's death. The motive was the same Gouker gave during his trial.

"Do you remember Josh Gouker telling you that they killed Trey to get even with Trey's mother for killing Josh Gouker's child," said the prosecuting attorney. The inmate, Paul Embry, said he did remember that statement.

The other inmate that testified, Jason Bierman, said Gouker called his son a "demon child" and was more than willing to kill Zwicker.

Det. Scott Russ, the Louisville Metro Police lead detective on the case, also testified. Russ said Gouker sent police in the wrong direction by indicating some other kids may have been involved. Russ also showed the courtroom the clothes Trey Zwicker was wearing the day he was killed.  

Jeanne Goodman, who lives a block away from where Zwicker lived, also testified Tuesday.  Goodman said Josh Young showed little emotion about Zwicker's death at his funeral.

The trial will resume Wednesday.

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