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Billboard encourages drivers to look beyond traffic

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Denise Taylor Denise Taylor
The billboard over the Kennedy Bridge. The billboard over the Kennedy Bridge.
Denise Taylor and her daughter Jonnae Denise Taylor and her daughter Jonnae

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A new billboard was placed over the Kennedy Bridge to encourage drivers to focus on the bright side instead of getting stuck on the negatives while stuck in traffic.

Even in the midst of gridlock, grinding breaks and raging tempers as we have to sit and wait 1,000 days for the ramp from eastbound Interstate 64 to allow access once again to Interstate 65 south.

Denise Taylor is the author and founder of the non-profit organization and she is on a mission to re-condition our pessimistic perceptive in life on any and everything.

"Stay focused on the blessing you're on your way to. Not the burden that it's taking for you to get there," she said.

Taylor has even provided a visual aid for those who enter the bridge on 65 south, a we get to billboard.

"We're on our way to employment, healthcare, education, entertainment and it's on the other side of the bridge and we have the means to get those blessings," Taylor said.

It is a life lesson Taylor is glad to work on now but her journey as a mother is actually a legacy her daughter Jonnae left behind. It took a fighting heart and a strong little girl to realize she didn't have to take chemo to fight for her live, she got to. Some with no diagnosis, insurance or enough time ever got that chance. And as you sit in traffic Taylor says think of, "People that don't have transportation, people that don't have air conditioning, people who don't have the means to get to those blessings."

The blessings we share on either side of the bridge or in any part of our life.

"You don't realize how many times a day that you say ‘I have to do' something until maybe it's too late and you don't get to experience those very things anymore and then you wish you could," she said.

If you want to find out about more about Taylor's attitude recondition mission, click here.

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