Kentucky Bibb Wilted Lettuce Salad with Hot Apple Cider Dressing


3 heads of Kentucky Bibb lettuce, cleaned and separated.
1 cup of walnut halves
1 ½ cup of brown sugar
1/8 stick of butter
½ pound of Maytag blue cheese
3 local grown tomatoes, Roma or Heirloom
4 strips of crisp bacon
2 cups of fresh apple cider
½ cup of white vinegar
1 large Granny Smith apple, cut into sticks


First: Place walnuts on baking pan in 300° oven to dry out. On the stove in a sauce pan heat brown sugar and butter until creamy and smooth. Remove walnuts from oven and roll in brown sugar mixture and place on parchment paper and return to oven until dry and slick. Remove from oven and cool. Reserve for salad construction.

Second: In a saucepan pour cider, honey, and vinegar and reduce over medium heat untill thick and rich looking. Add bacon and keep warm for dressing of salad.

Third: Place lettuce around a 10" plate like flower petals using bigger leaves first and ending with smaller leaves. Garnish with apple sticks, blue cheese, sugared walnuts and tomato slices. Before serving drizzle over salad warmed dressing and serve.