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WAVE 3 Editorial - August 8, 2013: Priorities

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Sports impact Americans more than most places and certainly build character and teamwork, and provide enjoyment.

The highest paid major league baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, who was just suspended for the rest of this year and next for using performance enhancing drugs, makes about $150,000 per game. By contrast, the highest paid teacher in South Korea, Kim Ki-Hoon, earns $4 million a year - a staggering sum for a teacher in America, but about what Rodriguez makes every two months of the baseball season.

The South Korean teacher is paid to tutor and his videotaped lectures are available for purchase online. It is certainly a value statement on what matters most to South Koreans.

South Korean parents spend millions to give their students private coaching in academics. American parents spend millions to give their children private coaching in sports.

During the Korean War, most South Koreans were illiterate. Now South Korean 15 year olds rank second in the world in reading and all but 7% of their high school students graduate, compared to 23% of America high school students who don't graduate.

A cultural upheaval is certainly needed to redirect and refocus our highest priorities.

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