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Sports fan alert: Check the purse/bag policy before heading to the game

The bag policy sign at an NFL stadium. The bag policy sign at an NFL stadium.
Darren Rogers Darren Rogers
Mark Hebert Mark Hebert

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – If a woman wants to carry a purse inside a NFL stadium this year they have to make sure it meets the new size requirements. What does that mean if you're heading to local sporting venue? We checked to see what the policy is at two of them. 

Starting this season the NFL has a new and strict policy about the size of bags carried into its stadiums. It bans items like backpacks, large purses and seat cushions at all NFL stadiums across the country. Only bags made of clear plastic, PVC, or vinyl will be allowed, and they have to be under 12x6x12 inches. One gallon plastic freezer bags are also allowed.  

If ladies still want to carry a purse, it will have to be a clutch purse or a purse the size of an adult hand.  

At the 2013 Kentucky Derby, a similar change was made. The Derby took place just a couple of weeks after the Boston Marathon bombings, which made it timely influence to policy changes at Churchill Downs. It was a move Downs officials said was the right one.  

"Every decision we made regarding our hospitality and procedures was made in the best interest of public safety which is paramount," said Darren Rogers, a Churchill Downs spokesperson.  

Despite what the NFL is doing, University of Louisville officials say women will still be able to stroll through the gates at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium with their purses, at least for the immediate future. Mark Hebert, a UofL spokesperson, said security measures are reviewed each year and this year they thought the plans that are already in place are sufficient.  

"We think we've got some of the toughest security measures in the country here," said Hebert.

At UofL, baby bags and purses are welcome, but other bags - including coolers and backpacks - are not. The NCAA does not have any regulations or guidelines about what's acceptable to tote into stadiums around the country so it is up to universities to decide.

Rogers said eventually fans may begin to embrace changes to security policies.

"Who knows new trends might come out of this down the road," said Rogers, "clear purses might become a fashion trend in the future at major sporting events."

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